Offers Two Types Of List Rentals.
A Straight Up List Rental & a Unique Affiliate Hybrid List Rental

Here’s how it works.

We have 2 directories inside the membership area. Each has lists along with the prices and details of each list. Once you choose your list and and pre pay, you'll get a confirmed promotion date within 72 hours.

Directory #1 Straight Up List Rentals

These rentals are just normal rentals where you pay and get a confirmed promotion date. Most mailing dates will happen within a couple weeks and the exact date will be listed in the platform once the list manager schedules it.

Directory #2 Affiliate Hybrid List Rentals

We are proud to offer a unique affiliate hybrid list rental model that is considered the only win/win in our industry. Inside this directory, list managers offer their lists for an honest 25% off the "average 30 daily revenue" . In exchange for the honest pricing + discount, if a higher affiliate payout comes in, you the business owner pays the upside difference to the list manager after the final commission are tallied.

So if a list averages $1,000 per send and it is offered for $750 (pre paid 25% discounted price), but the affiliate commissions come in at $1,500... $750 extra will be owed to the list manager.

Here is a breakdown of how it all adds up:

$750 (pre paid)
$1500 affiliate commissions come in
$750 remaining to be paid after

If you are not good at math, don't worry. Our patented system does all the math for you once you enter the final commission payout. Your consultant will oversee every deal with you and you'll be guided on how to have the most success possible.

With our agreements in place, there are no limits to the number of promotions you can have every month. Most lists are able to mail within 2 weeks, but some do take longer. Either way, you'll be giving a confirmed promotion date within 72 hours.

This is only the tip of the ice burg. The real value will be the ongoing affiliate deals you'll land and advice from your own personal consultant who will guide you every step of the way.

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