The Best Investment You Can Make

All members are assigned a consultant who will help guide you on which lists to rent and how to improve your offer so you create win/win situations with every promotion you do.

We don’t just want you measuring the ROI of each deal, but we also want you to know the real ROI we bring to your business by measuring the following:

Even though this might sound great so far, we can only work with people who are committed to creating win-win situations with the list managers and take responsibility for the performance of their creatives, day 1 revenue and LTV.

If your day 1 revenue and LTV are not high enough, you should wait to join this exclusive club. Other wise, it'll be an uphill battle and we expect to keep our clients for years to come. Please understand that the last thing we want is for you to sign up, try it a few months and quit.

This is why asked you to read our "Win Win Manifesto" that explains very clearly what it takes to create or improve an offer so you and each list manager make money on every deal.

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