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Because we are committed to your long term success, we will offer you a free trial for 21 days to make sure you are a good fit for a full time membership. Please understand that we only want to work with clients who want access to an easy stream of email clicks on demand for years to come.

During this free trial, you must prove your offer to us to ensure that you are the perfect client.

We can only spend time with clients who can afford to spend at least 20k on clicks per month and have their offers dialed in.

Of course we'll do everything we can help you dial in your offer during the 21 days, but we will not baby anyone and please only enroll if you are committed to following our recommendations in the Win Win Manifesto.

If you offer does not perform or you are hesitant to spend at least 20k per month on clicks, you will not be permitted to become a full time member after the 21 day trial.

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Below is the current special offer for the first 20 members only:

* Free trial for 21 days *during this time, we will evaluate your offer to ensure you are a good fit for a full time membership.

* $10,000 enrollment fee is waived.

* $2,000 monthly cost for each set of 20,000 clicks. (20,001 - 40,000 clicks = $4,000 monthly) starting on day 22 *your consultant will ask which package you want before each month and ensure you get your desired amount of clicks if you want more than 20,000.

* Plus, you'll be grandfathered at this discounted monthly rate of $2,000 even after the price goes up.

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