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We can only work with clients who spend at least 10k per month on clicks and can afford to consider a winning deal one that includes LTV.

If you are only looking at day 1 revenue and can't afford to fork out money for revenue that your LTV will generate later, this is not for you. Therefore, you must know your LTV to have access to this membership.

If you are unsure how to calculate the life time value of your customers, go to and they can help you.

Your other option it to place all of your customers onto an excel spreadsheet and add up how much each customer has spent during their lifetime. Either way, you MUST know your LTV.

On top of this, we also only work with clients who are committed to following our recommendations in the "Win Win Manifesto" on page 2 of this website.

It's real easy to blame the list, but when you decide to take responsibility and dial in every freakin aspect of your offer, you will make great strives in increasing your day 1 revenue and LTV which will let you play in this fun game for years to come.

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Click Here To See The Updated Lists Available *We have over 120 lists/click deals on here now... our directory is growing fast.

The purpose of this website is to bring together a long lasting community of proud offer owners who want easy traffic from our community of list owners/managers who "want to support your business for years to come". FYI... gathering these lists and working with list managers to give them what they want and need to run deals efficiently was/is like herding cats... lol.

Every list manager wants their deals a certain way and it took years of conversations and programming for each type of deal that you will see in our directory. In the future, you will see more types of deals including click swaps, affiliate deals and more hybrid affiliate deals which I believe will transform our industry once ALL list managers adopt it.

If we all learn to work together in the funnest most efficient way ever using this block chain technology (TutorFi) which streamlines deals, we'll have steady sources of easy to get traffic and other important resources that will allow us to work together, have more fun and create win wins for years to come.

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